Watch your back

Now it’s happening, I get to see the bureaucratic control in China. Not that I haven’t seen what bureaucracy means here – I’ve had my share with visas – but on the actual everyday street level.


A week or two back, there was an incident on the street, where a drunk Brit was harassing a Chinese women on the street. It was captured on the video and went viral. Even the lightest comments were sayings ‘get the western pigs out of our country’ and so on. It’s completely understandable too, I would imagine the same reaction in any European country.


The difference is the official reaction. The Public Security Bureau promised to take all the foreigners under the loop, and now all 120 000 of us in Beijing, will have to be careful. Passport, police registration and my foreign face will be probably checked quite often in the 100-day campaign. Reminds me Russia!


Hopefully I don’t get checked tens of times, but it will bring some extra hassle. That means of re-registering myself at the police within 24 hours, since I’m moving my flat. And all my guests and our dear couch-surfers will have to do the same, if we don’t want to risk with more check-ups, fines loosing the apartment contract, or worst – getting expelled from our lovely China.


I’ll be on my toes.

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